Fredericksburg Birding Club Sponsors Youth Program

In July, the FBC sponsored a traveling birds-of-prey program presented by the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  This program provided an extra splash for a Friends of the Rappahannock operated summer youth camp.  It was held at the Heritage Park Apartments in Fredericksburg and was also attended by children and youth participating in a church-sponsored summer camp called SOKS. Thanks again to all who donated money to support this worthy program!

2 Responses to “Fredericksburg Birding Club Sponsors Youth Program”

  1. Reverend says:

    That is a cool looking owl in the topmost picture, and quite big. What kind is that?

  2. adolby says:

    The large owl is a Great Horned Owl and the smaller is an Eastern Screech Owl. Thanks for asking.

    Paul Nasca

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